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Since 1988 the family-owned team at Complete Pest Control have been working towards one sole mission: to protect Adelaide homes and businesses against pests.

As industry leaders, our experts are highly trained in the art of pest whispering, and we’ve got the skills, experience and technology to effectively treat and protect residential and commercial properties across South Australia from pests of all shapes and sizes.

If we had to fault ourselves on one thing, it’d be our perfectionism. We work tremendously hard to make sure we can perform the best possible job to get you the best possible results every time. Pest removal might not be everyone’s idea of a dream job, but we love it, especially the satisfaction of a job well done. But most importantly, we’re committed to keeping our customers happy. That’s why every day we provide a fast, friendly and professional service that meets each client’s individual needs. While we’re all about using the latest proven pest control detection techniques, we care about the planet too, which is why we always use safe and environmentally friendly products.

We’re highly committed to safety, which is why we have stringent systems in place to meet the requirements of recognised national and international standards for Quality Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety management. We also comply with all government regulations that relate to Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental Responsibility, pay our taxes, and help seniors cross the road.

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