Why it's important to keep your property pest free

There’s one thing that home and business owners can agree on, finding creepy crawlies and icky insects around or inside of your property is not ideal! If you’ve noticed a few more bugs, spiders or pests around lately, it might be time to call the specialists before too much damage is caused.

Here’s a list of the top five pests you might find around your property and the damage or health risks that are associated with these types of pest infestations.

Termites are trouble. They’re known as Australia’s most destructive pest, as the damage they cause to properties may result in inhabitability until repairs are made. There are more than 300 species of termites in Australia and CSIRO studies show that one in three homes are subject to termite attack. Although termites aren’t known to carry any diseases, living in a property infested by termites could contribute to allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Cockroaches eat a wide range of food, including rotting garbage, and it’s believed that they spread several different diseases to humans. At night they will come out and search for food in kitchens, rubbish or food storage areas and if you’ve seen one cockroach at your property there are typically hundreds more hiding nearby as they breed quickly. There’s often a distinct and bad smell when an infestation is present and according to the World Health Organisation these pests can sometimes play a role as carriers of intestinal diseases, such as diarrhea.

Whether you suffer from Arachnophobia or not, having spiders in your home can be both dangerous and scary. Although they form an important part of our ecosystem, some species are extremely venomous and most spider bites have been known to cause adverse health effects on humans and pets. If you’ve noticed an increase in spiders in your home, it’s likely that you’ve got an abundance of other pests, such as insects, living in your house as spiders are natural hunters and will follow food sources.

Ants survive in large colonies and will enter homes in search of a food source. They may be living in the soil or lawns near your house, under rocks or in timber, wall cavities and roof voids. As natural recyclers, they’re often very useful in the environment but are a common nuisance in the home. If you’ve seen ants in your kitchen or around the areas you prepare food, it’s important to act fast to avoid contamination and stop the colony from growing.

Rodents are notorious for spreading disease, chewing through packaging to access and contaminate food, and gnawing on materials such as ceiling timbers, electrical wiring and air conditioner ducting. Active all year, they like to nest in unused or messy corners of your home and can survive on only food crumbs, making it hard to evict them once they’ve settled in. They breed quickly, so it’s likely that if you’ve seen one mouse or rat around your home, there may be more.

If you’ve seen some of these around your house, it might be time to call the experts, Complete Pest Control. With over 30 years of experience, our fully trained technicians can help protect your home, business and family against pests. Contact us today for more information.

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