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Chances are if you live in Adelaide, you’ve seen your fair share of spiders crawling around. While they play an important role in the environment, spiders need to know their place. Not only are their webs a nuisance (especially if you walk right through them), but some spiders like Funnelwebs and Redbacks can also be harmful if they happen to nip you.

Our trained experts will work with you to treat your spider infestation, and prevent any problems from occurring down the track. We’ll perform a full investigation of your property to look for any signs of spider activity, and once we know exactly where those creepy crawlies are hiding, we’ll use our eco-friendly spray treatment and powder to get in every nook and cranny.

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Spider treatment

To keep those creepy crawlies at bay, we perform an extensive range of spider treatments both inside and outside your home or building.

We use a low volume mist on all external areas including window frames, door frames, eaves, gutters, downpipes, joints, building gaps, pergolas, brickwork bases, fences, vegetation, the letterbox – you name it, we’ll cover it! We’ll also dust any vents or weep holes they may be hiding in.

Inside your building, we use another low volume mist on fabric curtains, fly screens, skirting boards and carpet edges. Plus, if required, we’ll dust the roof cavity and weep holes or sub-floor air vents to be sure not a single spider is left unscathed.

Spider prevention tips

Make time to vacuum and sweep infrequently used spaces like storage areas, crawl spaces and attics.
Check for any cracks in your home and seal them as soon as possible.
Schedule an annual spider treatment with us coming up to the warmer months to prevent future problems.

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