Our experts have spent years studying the habits, strengths and weaknesses of these bad boys, so they know exactly what it takes to keep cockroaches at bay.

What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects rarely seen during the day. Cockroaches live in cracks and crevices both inside and outside. They feed on all types of food and just about anything with nutritional value found in and around your home. There are thousands of cockroach species worldwide but only a small number are regarded as a pest.

Due to their open circulatory system, and the fact that they breathe through little holes in each of their body segments, they are not dependent on the mouth or head to breathe. The roach only dies because without a mouth, it can’t drink water and dies of thirst.

These pests can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour. They hold their breath often to help regulate their loss of water.

Only found in South America, this species also has a one-foot wingspan. For context, average cockroaches can vary in size from ½”- 2″ long.

Count on Complete Pest Control for your cockroach treatment

We use the most up-to-date and proven technologies to successfully control and eliminate entire cockroaches.

Cockroach treatment

  • A low residual spray of external areas such as window & door frames, and base of the brickwork
  • Cockroach gels may also be used internally
  • Spot treatment to internal areas
  • Treatment to crack and cervix

Get ready for your treatment

  • To prevent any contamination to pets, we recommend all water bowls are emptied and turned over prior to the treatment and any ponds, aquariums or water features are covered, air filters for tanks to be turned off during treatment and can be turned back on immediately after treatment.
  • Any perishable items, hygienic items (such as toothbrush) and items such as children’s toys, to be covered or stored away from treatable areas.
  • Please ensure windows are closed and any pets or persons remain indoors during the external stage of the treatment & outdoors during the internal stage of the treatment.
  • All residents including pets may need to vacate your home for a up to 2 hours when our technician performs your treatment.
  • Any exhaust fan/s & range hood/s should be turned on.
  • Clothing or bedding should be removed from the clothesline and any debris, obstructions or foliage should be removed from around the building perimeter.
  • Dogs and other pets must be secured to avoid contact with our technicians.
  • To receive maximum benefit from your cockroach treatment, remove where possible items from kitchen cupboards. Ensure food scraps etc. are removed to prevent competition with our cockroach baits/gels, kitchen & bathrooms must be clean. Failure to do so will void the warranty.

Frequently asked questions about our cockroach treatment

  • Creepy crawlies need to crawl over the treatment, groom themselves and ingest the chemical. Once they have done this, they will usually become slow moving and die from the treatment.
  • You will continue to see the occasional pest from time to time but don’t be alarmed as you need to let the chemical to take effect.
  • For bad infestations, our technician may recommend a follow up treatment to be carried out a few weeks after the initial treatment.

  • If your home has eaves, the main areas where the technician will be treating won’t be affected by the weather as the rain won’t hit those areas e.g under your eaves, windows or door frames, base of the brickwork.
  • Once the chemical is dry, it bonds with the surface and it is designed to work in the rain. It takes significant amounts of rain before it will wash away the chemical

  • If your service includes us treating inside your roof void, hot weather policy does not permit our technicians entering your roof void. However, the technicians have blow dusters with a great reach and in most cases will still be able to provide the service.
  • If the weather is extreme and if the technician is needing to crawl through the roof void to provide the service, we would recommend moving the appointment to earlier in the morning or to an alternative day.

Yes, all our chemicals are bio-degradable and Eco friendly. All products come with full Code Mark of Australia approvals.