Comprehensive termite protection for new homes in Adelaide

Proven systems that repels and kills termites | Custom made protection to suit Australian conditions | Environmentally friendly, ideal for allergy-free housing

No matter where you’re building in South Australia, no new home is completely safe from a termite invasion. At Complete Pest Control we’re big advocates of prevention over treatment. Stopping termites before they can even step their six little legs on your doorstep will help save you money, and stress, in the long run. To make sure your new house is fully protected against termites, we use two leading Termite Barrier Systems.

Trithor Termite Barrier

This physical and moisture vapour termite barrier protects your property by repelling and killing termites before they can do any damage. Designed and tested in Australia, Trithor has been proven to work in Australian conditions and protect against our hungry little native critters. Plus, it’s completely safe for the environment and ideal for allergy free homes. And it’s backed with a whopping 50 year unlimited timber replacement warranty, so you know it’s good.

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Protect your new home from termites before it’s too late

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