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There’s nothing worse than opening your pantry to find a mouse or rat munching on your cereal. And most of the time, mousetraps just won’t cut it. The qualified technicians at Complete Pest Control have years of experience in mouse and rat removal across Adelaide, and know exactly how to rid of those pesky rodents.

Mice and rats can contaminate food with their droppings and urine, spreading nasty diseases like salmonella bacteria and typhus. Plus, they carry parasites like fleas, roundworms and mites. So it’s important to call our trained experts on the first sight of a rodent infestation. We’ll complete a thorough investigation of your home or business, place bait where it’s needed and give you advice on how to prevent further infestation.

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Mice and rat treatment

We provide a range of effective removal methods to stop mice and rats in their tracks, no matter where they’re hiding.

Our experts can strategically place baits in your roof void or other areas they might be lurking. We’ll also identify any entry points the rodents might be coming from and provide a plan of action to suit.

Other methods include looking for overhanging vegetation that can be used as a bridge or ladder, checking for smear marks that reveal their path of travel, and looking out for any gaps where utilities like pipes enter the building.

Mice and rat prevention tips

Seal all cracks, holes and entrances to your house including pipes, chimneys and doorways – rodents will get in any way they can.
Keep your house and garden clean – less rubbish means less hidey holes.
Keep all opened food in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids.

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