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Proven to eliminate entire termite colonies at the source | Environmentally friendly treatment – no toxic chemicals used | Only baiting system backed by a $250,000 Timber Replacement Warranty

At Complete Pest Control, we take termite protection seriously. Whether you’ve been in your home for 1 year or 10, it’s never too early or too late to protect it from termites. Since we love our science, we rely on the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System. This clever method exploits the biology of termites in a way that no other system can match. Plus, it’s the only termite baiting system backed by a manufacturers $250,000 Timber Replacement Warranty.

Rather than using potentially harmful chemicals and cutting corners, Exterra targets termite problems at the source without the need for toxic treatments. Most termite control products kill termites on ground and get them out of your house, but they often miss those other termites that are lurking under your home, waiting to return when you least expect it. We love Exterra because it catches those sneaky termites that other treatments miss, eliminating the entire colony. Genius! [insert evil laugh]

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